Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January is nearly gone.

January is nearly gone and actually in a bit of a blur. This month has been a lovely month for us. It is when we reflect and plan ahead - it allows us time to freshen up and rethink.....  

The girls have been really busy in the Antiques cleaning some beautiful pieces of silver and treasures.

Gail and Sharon here are busy with detailed silver cleaning. Its good to have a giggle while working ! especially when  you need to concentrate so much. We have such lovely customers who are always complimenting us on how clean and shiny everything is.  

Just as work has begun on these pieces, each one takes a lot of time and patience to get them looking their best, below shows one of them all sparkly.

We have worked hard  to buy some very quirky pieces for you, this is one of the best things about vintage and antique, you never really know what you will find .... each piece is then so special and has a little story to go with it.

Look at this wonderful 19th century sewing stand with original silks, its a real collectors piece and very lucky to find.

Art Deco Bureau, I just love the wonderful shape and colours of the wood.

Another treasure.... a very sweet Heart mirror.  I love it.

All of these are so individual  and now one off finds. This chandelier is such a wonderful shape and twinkles beautifully.

Things have been pretty hectic round here over the few weeks with the interiors show and spring fair just round the corner. These are such busy shows and our poor feet are worn out by the end, but they are very exciting. Its wonderful to see so much variety of stock and  we get to choose new things for us in the centre. Its like Christmas shopping all over again......

               Kate Hamilton Hunter locally handmade jewellery, Kate has a real delicate and beautiful style, we have sold her jewellery for a few years now, she is wonderful at creating new styles and her use of colour.

And don't forget Valentines day, if your looking for ideas  come and have a look at our gifts  from the traditional hearts to the unusual. The chefs are also busy planning a special menu for the week of Valentines. This worked really well last year  with lots of people  coming out to celebrate and enjoy themselves with us throughout the week. Any way more to follow on this once we have choosen our menu... 

As always thank you for reading and we hope you you a little of what we have been up to here.  Until next time - take care.
Janet, Adrian and all the team xxx

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