Saturday, 13 October 2012

21 years at Afonwen Craft & Antique centre

Since I last blogged we have celebrated our 21st Anniversary, so proud to say we have been here since 1991. I can still remember our first day. What a manic day that was. People everywhere, the centre was so busy - we ran out of scones and our cakes were very much diminished!! so it was straight to baking again....
We have definitely learnt a lot since then and done a whole lot of growing up, made a lot of friends along the way and created a life for ourselves.

To celebrate we baked an extra large chocolate cake and shared it will all the staff and a few of our lovely customers. Maryrose pictured here with me has been coming to see us since practically the beginning, before Adrian and I were married, before  we had children and before we had as many staff as we do today. Sometimes I can't quite believe its been so long but every now and again something happens to remind me how time just goes on.
Today we had a visit from Georgina an old  member of staff, she just popped in with a friend for lunch and cake. George said the nicest thing that really made me smile and feel very proud of what Adrian and I do here. She said even 13 years on from leaving us, it was still the best job she has ever had and our training and standards have helped her right up to today. We have seen many wonderful young members of our team come and then go, as they progress on to University and their chosen jobs path.  All of them take with them some strong work ethics - the simple one that you can be average at your job or great! and great is what we always want here.
Thank you George that was a really lovely thing to hear and not only reflects on Adrian and I but the whole team.

This  gorgeous bunch of flowers was from one of our team - Ben who was going off to uni. We will miss him after three years, but of course look forward to holidays when he may be back on the team or at least pop in and see us. Good luck Ben.

Supporting Local in every way has always been important, whether that simply means more to me now or whether it is actually more important than ever I am not sure. The links we have made with other businesses over the years seem just so much more essential now. Its great to appreciate what we have here in Wales and even more so in both Denbighshire and Flintshire. I think we are very lucky to be located in such a fantastic spot with the Clwydian ranges behind us and the A55 only 5 minutes away. It seems like we have the best of both worlds - a fast and easy road system and the peace and quite and of course beauty of the rural area we are in.

Some fabulous vintage tins, a little loved from before but definitely still gorgeous.

They just don't make them like this anymore, just look at the detail.
Another classic piece for making butter. I can imagine this sitting in someones kitchen now looking splendid and being a real talking point.

                                                   Lots of new stock arriving in the gift shop

Gorgeous Ness Bags - fantastic quality and such wonderful colours

These have been selling so well, Tribal bracelets. Something for the gents and ladies.

Autumn is well and truly here now with the chilly morning and nights, pretty colours coming on the trees and that mist that sits over the fields on the way into work as the sun shines through the trees. Time to start thinking about our Christmas cakes and soaking the fruits. Christmas menu is now out and we will be starting to gather our orders for fresh homemade foods ready for Christmas.  Our homemade sausage rolls and quiche are always a winner along with all the fresh cakes, gateaux and caramels you can order.  Gosh where does time go.....

Well I think its time for me to say thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed all of our pictures . Until next time.

Love Janet , Adrian and all the team xx