Sunday, 9 October 2011

Life in the Restaurant

As aways Restaurant life has been busy. We have a fantastic team of staff many who have been with us for a good number of years - in fact without such a team life would be very difficult. Bethan who is a total super hero works in both the restaurant and kitchen, she has been with us now for over 19years. A whole life time of changes and growing up together. James our head Chef  has been with us for nearly 15 years ( although he had a few years break in the middle) and Dave our other chef is nearly into his eight year with us. 
The restaurant staff are just as vital and stability in a team is very important to us. Luckily we have a core team who work with Adrian and I, and know their job inside out.  Jody and Gill make a great team and work very happily together in the restaurant looking after all our lovely customers. Lastly we have a wonderful team of younger members that join us for weekends and holidays and usually stay with us until uni or school life is over.
Gradually I will introduce the team so you can get to know us a little better.
But for now this week as ever we have been busy with a new menu change and finalising the Christmas menu. Planning the new menu always takes a lot of thinking, balancing the dishes and keeping on a few favourites. We are delighted to be using fresh local sausages from Morgans Powri Gwych in Caerwys, Trout from the local fish farm in Bodfari and as much local produce as we can. I had more local apples again this week, which I love. So many crumbles and pies to make.....

This year for our Christmas menu we have decided to keep it simple but great. Adding in old favourites like Prawn cocktail , a lovely light melon dish with some gorgeous blackcurrant sorbet,  Braised Welsh Beef in red wine with redcurrant jelly & dumplings, Poached Haddock with a delightful smoked salmon cream sauce are just a few to choose from. All a little bit like comfort foods, delicious great dishes, - and pudding well pudding will be a tricky choice, do you have the golden baked meringues with raspberries or the brown sugar Double chocolate pudding with hot chocolate fudge sauce or maybe just keep it traditional with Christmas pudding & rum sauce.   Christmas is a time for friends and family to remember each other and spend time together enjoying each others company. The sound of the restaurant busy with chatter and laughter is always nice but has a special feel at Christmas time.

Back to  baking, as always we have been busy in this department  and the carrot cake is quickly becoming a great favourite.

This one is ready for an order, waiting to be collected and eaten with friends......

Along with the sweet side of baking we have been making our very popular quiche and truly special sausage rolls. I learnt how to make these as a child from my mum, plenty of good sausage meat and not too much pastry. In fact my love for cooking came from my mum.

Plenty of good sausage meat and not too much pastry!!

Baking and home cooking was simply a way of life for us as we grew up. Mixed with a busy house and plenty of people to feed, I guess looking after people and catering just really came naturally to me and has turned into a job that I love and feel very passionate about. I have to add the best bit of all is I found someone that just as dedicated and caring to share this with and work with everyday. Adrian my hubby.


  1. Reading your blog has made me hungry! fab photos and sounds wonderful.

  2. Really enjoyed reading your blog, could just eat one of your sausage rolls now!


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